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Subject: Re: [IP] Help with counselor understanding siezures in diabetics

How is your faith, otherwise, in this counsellor?  If he or she doesn't
"believe" in something that is as well documented medically as hypoglycemic
seizures, I would wonder about his/her knowledge in general.  It is true
that people with diabetes can, unfortunately, also have epilepsy, and have
seizures that are unrelated to low sugars.  But, any medical textbook about
DM will cover hypoglycemic seizures.

My daughter had friend, also diabetic, over to spend the night.  About 4 am,
my daughter came flying into my room, "Something's wrong with Elizabeth."
She was having a seizure.   It lasted a long time.  She would cry out, then
stiffen, then vomit, then repeat the cycle.  It had happened to her twice
before.  Since she got the pump in January, the seizures have disappeared
along with the night time hypoglycemia.

Time for a new counsellor?

Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna, 10 years old and pumping for 1 year

<<>The counselor that my 8yr old son is seeing does not believe that a
>will go into a seizure with low BG's.  My son has had seizures over three
>times that we witnessed (he had an EEG done and the results came back
>abnormal which the neurologist believes that he may have had more than

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