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Re: [IP] NLD

Carrie - Thanks for your help.
When I was approx. 19 yrs old I was cooking fried chicken, the grease got
to hot so I lifted the skillet off of the stove and spilled grease on my
foot.  Before I could put the skillet down and get a rag I had a major
burn.  My mom MADE me go to the doctor about 3 weeks later because the spot
had turned from just red to red & purple.  The dr did a test to see if it
was cancerous and found that it was not.  He gave me some cream which I
used but it didn't help much.  The next time I went to my endo. he said
that there is a condition that diabetics have (he told me the mile long
name but I can't remember it) that will setup in scars sometimes and it
will turn the skin different colors, become scaly occasionally, itch
sometimes and never go away.  He didn't give me any medication and didn't
act like it was a big deal so I didn't think anything of it.  I am 33 yrs
old now and have considered having plastic surgery to have the "scar"
removed.  It is about 2.5 inches long & 1 inch wide and VERY noticible.
Many many people have committed on it & I now just tell them it is a scar.
It is too much of an ordeal to explain what happened, that I am a diabetic
and my dr's explaination.   Since all the talk of NLD it has peaked my
curiosity to see if this is what I have.  Something else to ask my dr at my
next visit.
Thanks, Gina

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