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Re: [IP] extreme highs and lows

> Erika is having such a difficult time with highs and lows.  She is
> currently taking Humalog, 1unit for every 15 carbs.  She is having
> the hardest time with lows.  She will be around 150, the suddenly it
> drops to 50.  

There are some anecdotal reports from users of straight Humalog in 
pumps that the drops described above occur. My daughter experienced 
similar bouts of feeling low with rapid onset when she used Humalog 
by itself. She has since switched to a Humalog Velosulin mix and the 
symptoms have gone away. One interesting note is that she reported 
the low feeling more often after a bolus and then stepping into the 
shower. Perhaps the hot water on her skin accelerated the absorption 
of the insulin. Has Erika reported anything similar??
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