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Re: [IP] bolusing at breakfast/wake up

On Tue, 14 Sep 1999, Ruth Schneider wrote:

> you said that you have lily's BGs start around 100 at bedtime and then
> gradually work  up towards a wakeup of around 150.
> what does she then correct to when she eats breakfast?
> 100?

She uses 100 all day and 120 at night. At 2:30 am she corrects to 120 if 
she is higher than that and there have been no problems. She is usually 
withing 20 pts or so of her 2:30 reading in the morning. It is the period 
from go-to-sleep until 2:30 that is highly variable for her.

The only exception to the above was during a period when she lost some 
hypo awareness and we raised her bg targets by 30 pts or so.

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