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Re: [IP] Square wave or dual wave?

<<she normally would bolus 2.0 for the three brownies and 1/2 cup milk.(1:32)
she was 97 at 3:30ate the 72 carbs, square waved for 1 1/2 hours the 2.0 units
crashed at 5:45 ...69.
so...I would like to know if people are using the SW or DUAL for high fat
foods.  I think a DUAL would have worked better?ruth>>

 I don't know that the dual wave would have worked better -- then you would 
have given her a larger amt. in a shorter burst of time, and the rest spread 
out. IMHO, I would have spread it out over 2 - 2 1/2 hour time. At least that 
is what works for Amy. Anything under 2 hours for a high fat meal will send 
her crashing -- everytime. The best thing to do it try different things -- 
1st the length of the s.w., and if 2 hour post #'a are high, w/o any lows 
in-between, add more insulin.  If you shorten the s.w. and she goes low, you 
know it's not the amt. of insulin, but how fast she is getting it.

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