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Re:[IP] Sof-set Micro

<<By the way, did your letter include a "study ID number" to
put on the surveys and report forms?  Mine didn't but all the forms ask for

Boy, am I glad I'm not the only one this happened to!! I just about went 
crazy looking for the ID number, thinking surely I've missed it. I'm going to 
call the ## that came with the sets and find out if we need a number or not.

Also, for those asking about these sets, please be reminded that when you 
call MM asking for them, the reps truly do not know what you are talking 
about. These are sales reps that take your order, and this product IS NOT in 
their system yet, so don't ask. When I ordered Amy's supplies last week and 
asked about their availability, the rep laughed and said she had heard that 
from others, but that they are always the last to know! lol

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