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Re: [IP] Help with counselor understanding siezures in diabetics

While I'm certainly not qualified to say that low blood sugars cause
your son's seizures, I believe I can say with certainty that they cause
them in my husband. On about 3 or 4 different occasions I have witnessed
Shane having seizures.  Each time was in the middle of the night. The
first couple of times I did blood sugar readings on him and they were
very low. Since then I have never bothered with checking. Luckily he is
still able to swallow when this happens so I just give him some juice.
After about 3 sips he starts to come out of it enough to stop
convulsing.  I am sure the low blood sugars are what causes this given
the meter readings and the fact that juice fixes it so quickly. On only
one occasion has a neurologist even been called in to check him out, and
after hearing about the diabetes he did a couple quick tests of the
"follow my finger" variety and said he saw no reason for any further
tests such as EEG. To the best of our knowledge (and his doctors'),
Shane doesn't have any other disorders that would cause this behavior.
Hope this helps.

>The counselor that my 8yr old son is seeing does not believe that a diabetic
>will go into a seizure with low BG's.  My son has had seizures over three
>times that we witnessed (he had an EEG done and the results came back
>abnormal which the neurologist believes that he may have had more than three

>We will like to hear from others that also have had seizures and if they
>were related to diabetes and low blood sugars so that we can show these to
>this counselor.

>Thank you in advance,

>Jim & Carol
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