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[IP] pumping in Canada

Thank you Marilyn and Janet in Canada for your replies to my post. Guess I was surprised to see that someone had answered, I'm just used to reading other peoples posts. (;-)  I do not have extended health coverage, I even work in a hospital but have no coverage through work. Go figure. I applied to Blue Cross but was turned down. I guess I should have applied when I was very young and had no medical conditions as once you have them they won't cover you, only new conditions apparently, and then only up to a certain amount, I think they told me $500/yr. for diabetic supplies. Right now I am off work on disability leave because I also have R/A, HBP, IBS, and major depression, anxiety & panic attack disorder, so it is difficult to tell sometimes whether I am having a panic attack or a hypo. or whether the tiredness is from bg's or just the R/A, so I am testing a lot and that gets expensive. My disability income is running out end of Sept. so I definitely can't afford a pump right now. I did contact the two companies and they both sent me videos and information. So I am still interested and will keep reading the posts, till I get it figured out. Do either of you have many problems with your pumps? Sounds to me like a lot of people do, I would hate it if I invested that amount of $ only to find out I couldn't do it.  I was told by Disetronic that a rep. would come from Edmt. or Calg. to train me on using it, and the MiniMed I can order from California, that would be more like $7500. I know I would not get the local help, as no one seems interested. I was even told by the CDA that they didn't think the pumps were approved in Canada yet........my GP told me I was doing alright on the injections, and we only have one Endo. in Saskatoon right now and he is so busy that I have only seen him once and he told me I had diabetes and to take insulin.  The diabetes educator is the one I see instead, and she has no experience with the pump. It was scary enough when I had to come home, buy what supplies I thought I needed and learn to do the shots on my own. I must be doing something wrong, as my bg's are yo-yo-ing up and down still. I am 51 and was dx nearly 3 yrs ago with type I, after having me on pills for a year or more, which is strange in itself but I figured hey why not after all the other things that have happened to me.  I am sorry this is so long, they probably won't even post it, not that anyone wants to hear all my problems anyway.  I don't talk much but today I seem to be on a roll.  Anyway if they do post it, thanks for listening, if you are. 

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