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Re: [IP] NLD

I noticed NLD on my right shin when I was twelve. I had several very bad
ulcered spots off and on
for about 5 years, I went to various dermatologists, they knew what it was
but not what to do about it. I even went to Stanford to see if they could
help, they charged me for the visit and took pictures for their textbook. I
think they thought I should be flattered, they were wrong.

I hid my legs for 10 years then decided the hell with it after a boyfriend
told me I should show off my legs in shorts, he never mentioned the NDL, so
now I really don't notice it either. I have had it for over 23 years, and it
is lighter now and very rarely does some idiot stop and stare at my leg.

I know it is hard to get used to, but it is a lot less damaging than other
diabetic related complications. I have told people who stare that I was bit:

                a) by a shark
                b) by pirahna and
                c) by that thing behind them

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