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[IP] re:pump malfunction

ate: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 10:58:25 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] re:pump malfunction

> Sounds like a static electricity attack on your pump. MM has asked
> people to remove the battery pack and leave it out for a few minutes
> and reinsert. 
from Michael:

or longer, as I recall someone posted "eight hours". Seems like 8 hours
is too long. It would be helpful for MM to provide some specifics. It
seems that 
different "helpers" give different info.
Barbara B.

Below is an article from MiniMed's Website:


A Cold, Shocking Story: Electrostatic  Discharge

                  It's January, cold and dry outside. You're bundled up
in woolly clothes and perhaps rubber boots, and anxious to get inside.
You peel off your gloves, coat, and sweater and reach for the closet
door. Zap! A spark leaps from your finger to the doorknob. What you've
experienced is electrostatic discharge, or ESD. ESD events are
especially common in winter months in dry areas of the country. They
are like personal lightning bolts of 1,000 to 15,000 volts, and
sometimes higher. When the air is moist, the static electricity built
up by your clothes rubbing together simply leaks off through the moist
air. But in dry heated homes or cold, dry outside environments, it
stays with you until it finds a way to discharge. Sometimes that path
of least resistance might include your pump. 

                  We at MiniMed Engineering designed the pump to
protect it from ESD. The front panel has a special shielding layer
connected to the batteries. The electronics have protective circuitry
to avoid damage by these high voltages. And the pump's processor
continually checks to be sure that such discharges haven't affected the
pump software. Nevertheless, sometimes the sparks get through, which
may result in a safety alarm and/or batteries that feel warm to the
touch. The pump is not permanently damaged, but the ESD short circuits
the batteries. 

                In most cases, "resting" the pump will correct the
situation. Remove the batteries and leave them out 6-8 hours to allow
the extra electric charge to redistribute. Once new batteries are
re-installed, the pump performs as it should. 

Happy Be Pumping Almost 6 Months :]
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