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I have had NLD for about 3 or 4 years.  I was in a more rural area when I
went to find out about it and the doctor I had at the time took tissue out
of one of my shins to do a biopsy.  This trauma to the area caused it to
enlarge but have had no ulceration.  I took one of the circulatory medicines
for some time but it didn't seem to help or hinder so stopped.  I had
reconciled myself to just having them and have resorted to wearing long
clothing (pants, skirts, etc.)

I am quite self-conscious of them after having them noticed blatantly.  Most
people stare.  The weirdest reaction is from children - they sometimes will
get a little scared.  Not very many people ask me about them.  Usually, my
reaction is to make eye contact with the person staring by giving them a
friendly smile.  This makes me feel better and makes them stop.  :)

The last time i went to my current endo, he had a resident assisting and the
resident was kind of excited to actually be seeing the actual spots.  Hmmmm.

I am a lurker here most of the time.  Really enjoy reading the posts.  Have
been contemplating the pump for some time but my last A1C was 7.1 on MI so
will wait for now.

T1, dx'd 7/91

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