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I too have had NLD for about 10 years, mine is about the size of 2 quarters 
(rather small from what I understand about NLD)  I have read as much as I 
could find about this-- there is not really a whole lot out there, If you 
want to find more info, a good place to start is the national library if 
medicine (www.nlm.nih.gov) here you can search for any articles that have 
been written since the 1960's on any topic.  If they do not have the text 
available, check with your local hospital they usually have libraries with 
lots of good info- and usually welcome the public.

As for my NLD, i have tried different steroid creams and ointments 
(diproline etc.) I have also tried a steroid tape that I cut to fit over the 
spot.  When that did not work I tried some heart medications (persantine and 
trental) and finally I tried shots of cortisone directly into my shin 
(OUCH!!!!!-- i do not recommend)  After years of this I finally gave up on 
trying to get rid of it.  And after doing research on the topic, it looks 
like my dermatologist tried all of the published therapies.

As for living with NLD-- Do any of you often get rude and insensitive 
comments from complete strangers about what that ugly thing is on your leg?  
That is one sure way to really piss me off!!!

hope this was helpful to all of my fellow NLD people :)

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