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Re: [IP] Concerned "little" sister

> I really don't know what to do, but I am very worried.  Do you guys
> have any suggestions as to how I can help him without accusing him
> or making him feel bad?  (His self-esteem isn't exactly the
> highest.)  

He needs to educate himself about diabetes management and the use of 
a pump. There is abundant information available both on the web site 
and in print. He really should talk to his medical team (or possibly 
change teams it they can't/won't do the job) so that he gets adequate 
training. The most comprehensive discussion of pump/diabetes 
management in laymen's terms is the book Pumping Insulin. Perhaps you 
could give him a copy as a gift. It is available from amazon.com and 
other on-line sources and can be ordered at most book stores. There 
is a hyperlink on the web site:


Hope everything works out OK.

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