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Re: [IP] Simulator Demo (also fingers, coke, and chat)

David Winegarden wrote:
> It is in German-language only, runs on MS-Windows
> (95 I have, probably would work on 3.1, should 98/NT)
> 1,165,515 bytes Pumpendemo.exe to install
> and "Unwise.exe" for un-installing after you tire of it:
> www.disetronic.com
> >Diabetes Management Basics Functioning of the Insulin Pump
> >Operating Download Simulation
> At each ">" arrow, step through that menu-item to get to
> the next heading item.
> This is on the Swiss world-center site of Disetronic A.G.,
> not the USA site of www.disetronic-usa.com
> Tell me what you think of it as a minor exercise in being a
> Virtual Reality Application ?

Well, we finally got around to trying this out. I would have to say that
compared to my usual VR it is a bit lacking in graphics and immersive
capabilities :-)  Actually, I thought it was a pretty neat little
program. If only it was in English it would be really great. I had fun
playing with the simulator part, but just skipped all the info pages. If
they were all in English I think this would be a great way to
learn/review the pump functions because some of us like to go at our own
speed instead of with a video.
BTW, it ran under NT 4.0 for us.

Shane sucks the blood off of his afterwards too.  Wouldn't be for me,
but at least I don't find my bathroom towels with little red spots all
over them anymore :)

coke syrup:
When I was a kid, the doctor recommended "flattened" Pepsi as something
that could help calm upset tummies. Something about one of the color
ingredients I think. I would imagine that flattened coke, coke syrup,
etc would all work about the same. 

Disetronic chat:
Thanks to Andrea for her note about the chat. I was gone at the time,
but Shane tells me he had a great time!

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