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[IP] Basals for nighttime fat

Kudos, Sara! I haven't mastered night-time fats yet. Is it sufficient to
boost basals for just 2 and 1/2 hours??? Sometimes if I'm high at 3 a.m.
I'll correct, then STILL be high at 8 a.m., making me wonder if I should do
temp basal for the whole damned night.

During the day, on the pump, my BGs are terrific, and also terrific if I eat
low-fat, low-protein dinner with no peanut snacking!

Sara wrote:

I ate a pint of ben and jerrys this weekend (yes the entire thing...) I
started out at 132, bolused 3.5 units, about an hour later, when i was
getting into bed, I was bg 146.  I took .5 bolus, and put in a temp basal
2 1/2 hours at 2 units per hour (normal at the time is .4), and woke up with
bg 112....It wasn't always like this.  I would bolus 8 units and eat...and
wake up high...or take 4 units and 2 hours later take the other 4 more and
wake up high...it is the slow drip of increased basal that helps me with the
fat.  So, I have ice cream fat pretty well figured out....it is cold sesame
noodles I really need to work on...

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