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Re: [IP] missing IP members

Well, Jan, back in the good old days, ahem,  I had a good friend in medical
school who, like me and Bill, also didn't inhale. It was my notion (wishful
thinking?) that grass might be able to lower BG and allow one to eat more
without getting into trouble, sugar-wise that is.  Lord knows it make one
very hungry, like you might get with low BG.   Anyway, I volunteered to be
a guinea pig and actually inhale deeply (as an experimental subject only Mr
Bush).  He took blood samples and brought them to the hospital lab (This
was before there were any home BG meters).   The bottom line was that the
grass didn't do squat to the BG.  This was only one subject, so one
shouldn't overinterpret.  However my scholarly recommendation is that
trying to lower one's BG by smoking grass is not a good idea.  And it
wouldn't convince the judge either.  (Who knows after this email becomes
public, I might even be called by a judge as a witness *S*.)

>I don't think the grass itself does anything. Oh, wait -- it mellows you out
>and stress is supposed to send your BGs up. So I guess they go down. No, wait
>- -- isn't smoking that stuff supposed to give you the munchies? Then that
>would send your BGs up. Or maybe mellow plus munchies equals out to
>euglycemia. I dunno. Is it still the ' 60s? Does anybody still smoke that

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