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Re: [IP] cleaning finger in mouth??

Guilty as charged Miranda, BUT not to worry, I don't check that quickly
immediately after eating.  Anyway  sugar wouldn't stay around very long in
the mouth.  But just to convince yourself, try doing a BG test on your
saliva.  You will find the meter dinging LOW, and 6 nurses rushing in with
a cart *S*.  I remember checking this when I first starting BG testing,
thinking how clever it would be if I could measure my BG by just spitting
on the meter.  Never could measure anything higher than LOW!   So its ok to
be a fingerlicking tester :-()

>I read a couple of posts about sucking on your finger before testing; I
>thought this would really skew the readings and there could be sugar in your
>mouth... do a lot of people do this?
>- - Miranda

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