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[IP] we HAVE helped make a difference!!!

Greetings all:
     Hard to believe (I know) but I'm actually (almost) speechless! 2 years 
ago, Ellen (CamelsRFun) and I and Judy from Ny (whose 17 yr old daughter 
Elissa has been on an insulin pump since she was 3 yrs old -) were waging a 
frustrating battle with the "Diabetes Team" at the Children with Diabetes 
website regarding putting kids on pumps. No matter what we said, the response 
never varied: NO WAY- not before age 12, IF then...... So imagine my surprise 
to receive this link today from Ellen, via Judy:
 with DIABETES - Ask the Diabetes Team</A> 
The times - they are DEFINITELY a -changing!!! And KUDOS to the "team" for 
acknowledging the evolving medical "state of the art" on this topic too!
Regards, Renee
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