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[IP] Update...Ready to Burn my One Touch Profile

Hi folks,

I called Lifescan and, as expected, got some great service.  The young
man I spoke to ran through the gaunltet of questions, all of which I
could supply good information to.  No, the strips were not old (they
don't get a chance to!), yes, her fingers were clean, yes, there was
sufficient blood on all tests done, yes the calibration strip showed ok,
no the batteries were not low, yes we always keep the cover on the
strips, etc.  He was very thorough, and although perplexed, he is going
to send me a replacement...I requested a Fastake, and free cable and
software for downloading it as we had purchased the same for the
Profile.  He is also scouring about to find some goodies to send to
Erica as a bit of a peace offering :-)

It was a learning experience, like always having a backup machine when
away from home.  One other thing I have learned is that none of these
machines is infallible.  I had always thought my Profile was the next
best thing to perfect, and will  miss it after using the original One
Touch and its siblings for the past 7 years.  Some people have had
problems with their Fastakes, their Profiles, the Glucometers...etc.   I
will see how things go with the Fastake as a primary meter....should be
interesting.....I just hope it is not too exciting <g>

Thanks for the suggestions everyone...

Barb....Erica's mom

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