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Re: [IP] getting through to family,friends

I never had trouble with my friends or immediate family...
My younger bro was diagnosed 7 years after I was (he is 7 years younger) and
they taught a more lenient diet-carbs and not exchanges- and also by the
time I got on the pump my diet significantly improved over the horrible
eating habits I had for so long.  None of my friends knew anything at all
about dm until I told them, so they just always figured that I knew what I
was doing.  The only person I ever had a problem with is my future
father-in-law.  The first time he ever said anything was while I was on
vacation with their family and was eating something, he made a comment like
"you shouldn't eat that"...and it actually happened more than once on this
trip, but never again since.  I didn't want to say anything out of respect,
don't want to upset the future in-laws, but I was annoyed.  If it were my
family I would have said something, but I can't imagine how to make it known
to him.  Any ideas?

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>I had the same problem with my parents and relatives but I let them watch
>minimed tape that tells them that I can eat what I want and then they eased
>up but it is nice to know that your family cares. Good Luck.
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