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Re: [IP] Question from someone

On Mon, 13 Sep 1999, Brian Carter wrote:

> Hi everyone   someone contacted me threw my website with this question if 
> anyone can let me know your thoughts or if you know anything to help please 
> send me a private message.
> Your Question:
> My son uses the Mini-Med pump. He uses the Silhoutte infusion set.
> My question is.....do they make a generic form of the silhoutte & 
> reservior? If so, who makes it?
> I heard that Comforts are the same thing, who makes Comforts? Do they also 
> make a reservior?

The reserviors are unique to the pump and must be purchased from the pump 

The infusions sets from both manufacturers are interchangable in terms of 
fitting on the pump.

Disetronic makes
MM makes

A company in Europe makes
 Silohettes, Tenders, Comfort Sets
 and labels them for MM and D and a 3rd company that I can't remember the 
name of.

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