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[IP] Sof-set Micro

After getting my new sets today , I could not wait till tomorrow to do a set 
change.  I LOVE the new sets so far.  No pain with insertion like with the 
original set.  BG's seem to be doing real good too.  Has anyone else tried 
then new set yet?  What do you think?  The only thing I don't like is that 
they sent the 42 inch tubing.  I'll live with it though:)  
              Cheri :)

Cheri -- we also received ours today, but Amy just did a site change 
yesterday, so we will wait until tomorrow night to try them. Love the short 
look of the needle, disappointed in the QR -- thought it would be at the 
site, similar to the silhouette. I'll let you know how she does!

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