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  In some cases I understand what you saying... I have been diabetic for 18 
yrs and it started when I was 8 I have never found it to be a problem in the 
sense of getting a job or going on a date .. I usually explain the pump if 
someone ask.. I feel comfortable if people know about my diabetes .. I do not 
care to have pity though I have only noticed in the last few years that when 
people do know and I choose to eat something that may not be " a diabetic 
food" I will get " are you supposed to eat that ?" or something to that 
affect I then turn to say thank you for caring but I have found a way to fit 
it into my daily intake.... sometimes with new friends I may not mention it 
right away only because I might be at a party and I may want a drink or eat a 
piece of cake ... and do not wish to hear about "can you eat that " .

 On the other hand .. I think it is OK for people to have some reservation 
about their diabetes especially latened diabetics who are use to living a 
certain way .. or even those that are just plain shy .. These people should 
not be judged for their feelings..  they are real ... I can understand what 
you are saying but please respect those that need to take their time :-) 
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