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Re: [IP] ITin pediatric patients with type 1

Hi Ellen:

My name's Marilyn and I also live in Canada- in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia.  I just got a pump last week and its supposed to be covered by my workplace extended health coverage - Blue Cross plan (at 80%).  Don't know if this will help.  Keep looking for a specialist who will advocate for you with your plan if you have one.  An enthusiastic MiniMed sales rep might be able to assist with finding a receptive doctor.  Or they might be willing to try to educate your doc.  A doctor needs to write a letter saying why s/he thinks you need to be using a pump.  If s/he makes a good case, the Ext. Health
plan should cover it.  At $5,000 Canadian, I couldn't have switched without that coverage!  I'm only the 2nd patient in my area to go on the pump but Minimed is actively educating all the health care professionals about the benefits.   Good luck.  Marilyn

Ellen Inverarity wrote:

> Hello Group
> I have not posted before, but have been reading the posts for some time now, as I am interested in someday trying the pump. But by what I have read here it seems to me that the expense plus all the problems don't seem to outweigh the perceived freedom of it. Besides that,  I live in Canada and the pump is not covered by medical insurance, plus there is  very little interest in the medical profession about pumping.
> I also receive 'Diabetes News' by e-mail from Medscape,  which today had this article in it, as I know there are several people on this list with children on the pump, I certainly don't want to alarm anyone, just wondered if it would be of interest.
> Perhaps at least a change of thought from Krispy Kremes and how many times we change our lancets!!!!
> This is it:
> Memory impairment and medial temporal damage or dysfunction may be linked
> to intensive therapy in pediatric patients with type 1 diabetes.
> Diabetes Care 22(8):1318-1324, 1999
> http://diabetes.medscape.com/11825.rhtml
> <a href="http://diabetes.medscape.com/11825.rhtml">Read it Here</a>
> It states, in part the following,  for the rest of the article go to the above link:
> <!--The results of this study showed that children with type 1 diabetes on IT had a three times greater risk of severe hypoglycemia. The IT group also had impaired memory performance on a sensitive measure of spatial long-term memory (Spatial Delayed Response [SDR]) compared with the CT group and the nondiabetic group. In addition, children in the IT group had relatively slow response times on a pattern memory task (DMSL). Finally, both groups of type 1 diabetic children were significantly impaired on a fine motor control and motor speed task (Grooved Pegboard) compared with their peers without type 1 diabetes.
> Regard, Ellie (51 yo/Type 1 on injections still)
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
GIVE to Insulin Pumpers http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/donate.shtml