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Re: [IP] Need help translating SpanishFwd: Deseo informacion

The e-mail that was sent to you says, more or less, the following:

Subject:  Information needed

I am taking the liberty of requesting your valuable cooperation to obtain
nutritional information for my ten-year- old, insulin-dependent daughter.
She injects herself twice a day, 0.2 ml in the morning and 0.4 ml in the
afternoon with type 30/70 insulin.

I understand that the most recommendable thing for this type of insulin is
the consumption of fruits and vegetables; however, by the time she is done
eating her meal, she is not satisfied.  Therefore, I need your help to
improve the quality of her meals without that having a negative impact on
the development of her illness.

According to her endocrinologist she is in control of her illness, which she
has had for the past two years.  Please help me with this.

                     Jose Angel Guerrero B.

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