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Re: [IP] Tincture of benzone (aka Gorilla Snot) to make tape stick

Hi Brad.  Thanks for the info.  We got a sample of Skin Tac in the mail today 
(I'd called their 800 number about a week ago) and changed his site tonight.  
We put on Skin Tac, then TegaDerm, more Skin Tac, then the Silhouette, more 
Skin Tac, then a donut shaped piece of IV 3000 tape.  Probably overkill but 
the above with IV Prep and no Skin Tac peels at one layer or another.  Does 
this sound reasonable to you?  Will Skin Tac work between layers of tape?  
You mention IV Prep - we left that off this time.  Should we use that under 
the Skin Tac?  Also, do you think Polyskin dressing holds better than 
TegaDerm?  We haven't tried that one yet.  If you don't mind, tell me the 
order you use the items you listed and/or what combinations seem to work 

Thanks for the help.  Eric (13) is getting extremely frustrated and talking 
about quitting the pump.  I'd hate to do that when we're finally getting 
things worked out.

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