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Re: [IP]Type 1 1/2

>Sammi- Hi!  I was curious what is type 11/2? I was diagnosed at age 21 as a
>type one diabetic.  Why did you get that diagnosis?   Amy


When I was diagnosed, age 21 (at an emergency room- I was in for some sort
of infection, & they noticed that the sugar content in my urine was high),
no one in that hospital had a clue what to do with me.  They said it
couldn't be diabetes, because I was too old for Type 1 & too young for Type
2.  When the number kept coming up high & they couldn't find any reasonable
explanation in their books, they officially diagnosed me in my medical
record as "Type 1 1/2!"  (I've always been lousy with numbers!)  Since I
didn't have a real family doctor at the time, I was treated at the college
clinic...again, by people who didn't seem to have much working knowledge of
what to do with me.  In hindsight I know I should have "shopped around" &
found someone knowledgeable in the field...but at the time I was scared,
trying to get through my senior year of a demanding doulbe major, & just
plain old-fashioned ignorant as far as the consequences of poor care.  I
actually had no clue I WAS doing poorly, as far as care was concerned.
After all, I took my medicine (oral meds at first, then shots after about 4
months) & kind of watched what I ate, just like the doctor told me to!  :)

My primary care doctor & endocrinologist both have confirmed the theory that
I had Type 1 for quite a while prior to diagnosis, & that it was most likely
kept under pretty good control (& therefore went unnoticed) for years
because I was so very physically active through junior high & high school- I
grew up in a dance studio, so three-four hours of lessons/practice was the
daily norm.  Looking back with that whole "if I knew then what I know now"
mindset, a lot of signs were there, had anyone around me had the experience
with it to know what they were looking at...but none of my family or friends
had any idea  that things like my getting cranky if I missed my "four-hour
feeding" or tendency toward infections (I had to have 64 warts surgically
removed from my knee as an adolescent) were symptoms of anything in
particular...other than the infections (which come & go in a lot of kids, so
must not have seemed particularly noteworthy), I was very physically fit &
ridiculously healthy!

I've come a little late into becoming a "born again diabetic" who recognizes
the importance of good maintenance of this condition...but now that I know
what I do about it, I appreciate SO MUCH the fact that I'm reading posts
from younger people who are increasing their chances all the time of living
longer & healthier lives.  I think EVERYONE on this list deserves a big
round of applause, for taking the time & trouble to work at learning to
control diabetes, instead of allowing it to control them.  I know that may
sound like just a common sense thing, but so many people in this world don't
pay attention to themselves enough to get good care, & ultimately they pay
for it.  Diabetics, People with Diabetes, Butterdishers, & Krispy Kreme
Fanatics- thank you for being there for each other, & for
yourselves...you'll be glad you worked at it, & so will your friends &

Enough with the Hallmark moments, already!!  :)

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