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I was concerned about this article when I read the abstract and wrote to one 
of the researchers.  Personally I think the study is somewhat flawed as they 
never defined IT other than as follows.  How can anyone on MDI not be 
concerned about post prandial bg numbers?

Intensive Therapy - "were expected to measure bg at least 4x per day and use 
3-4 injections per day or an insulin pump to keep their PREPRANDIAL bg level 
between 70-120 mg/dl."

CT - Conventional Therapy was defined as expected to use 2-4 bg 
determinations and 1-2 insulin injections per day to keep their PREPRANDIAL 
bg level between 80-180.  "The importance of avoiding severe hypoglycemia was 
emphasized in both."

I wrote to one researcher and her response follows.  My questions posed are 
below her response.  This was when I had only read the abstract.  

I would be happy to send you a copy of the article. I'm sorry, but I don't 
the information on how many children were on the pump or what their level of
control was. IT meant that children were checking their glucose more 
(at least 4x) and gave 3-4  insulin injections per day.
Thanks for your interest, I hope this helps.

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email @ redacted wrote:

> Hi.  I read with interest the abstract listed below.  Unfortunately I do not
> have access to the full article.  Could you please tell me how many of the
> children on Intensive Therapy in your group were well controlled using the
> insulin infusion pump?  Would you also please define for me if intensive
> therapy meant the children on MDI were in good control (having a majority of
> their bgs in target zone) or just getting more injections per day?  I would
> welcome a copy of the article if you have a reprint to share.  Thank you 
> much.
> Regards,
> Ellen H. Ullman
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