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Re: [IP] lows on public transport

> David wrote:
>> similar "prohibition" on eating "aboard public transit vehicles".
>> Havn't been on recently, but a couple years ago I rode the
>> trains and buses frequently so could have had problems there too.
  Sara wrote:
> well, i ride the supposedly beverage and food free public tranportation here
> in NYC every day and have yet to see anyone get tossed off or yelled out for
> breaking rules.  This is one of those "rules" they make up and post so we
> THINK they are in control, but they aren't really...If they were, they
> wouldn't even stop at the bus stop if they saw us standing there with our
> 7-11 super big gulp and bag of fritos...
> plus dex tabs aren't that obvious anyway...I take them down to my beverage
> and food free gym floor, where they really do enforce the rules, and have yet
> to be spoken to about it...and I don't hide it either...

Well folks here in the Bay Area the BART Police WILL stop you for food or
beverage on the train, and yes people have been hauled away.  I've just
explained that I had DM and needed to eat (glucose tabs), never a problem.
But, just one more reason to wear your Medic-Alert just incase you pass out
or get disoriented when you go low.
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