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Re: [IP] Ready To Burn My One Touch Profile!

Sorry to hear you had such an expierience with your meter.  I too have had a 
problem with my son's meter but his is the Fastake!  It will give false low's 
so please be careful with this too.  Although since there new strips have 
come out it has made it more reliable b/g wise, but the machine itself was 
not reliable to me at all, it will just shut down at random for no apparent 
reason, so i've switched to Lifescans new One Step, requires more blood and 
time waiting for results but has been reliable.  We once had the Fasttake 
just shut down while at a swim party!  Ever since then we never leave the 
house without 2 meters!  As far as the humidity goes, Matt tends to run on 
the low side with it.  Hope this helps.

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