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[IP] ITin pediatric patients with type 1

Hello Group
I have not posted before, but have been reading the posts for some time now, as I am interested in someday trying the pump. But by what I have read here it seems to me that the expense plus all the problems don't seem to outweigh the perceived freedom of it. Besides that,  I live in Canada and the pump is not covered by medical insurance, plus there is  very little interest in the medical profession about pumping. 
I also receive 'Diabetes News' by e-mail from Medscape,  which today had this article in it, as I know there are several people on this list with children on the pump, I certainly don't want to alarm anyone, just wondered if it would be of interest.
Perhaps at least a change of thought from Krispy Kremes and how many times we change our lancets!!!!
This is it:
Memory impairment and medial temporal damage or dysfunction may be linked
to intensive therapy in pediatric patients with type 1 diabetes.
Diabetes Care 22(8):1318-1324, 1999
<a href="http://diabetes.medscape.com/11825.rhtml">Read it Here</a>

It states, in part the following,  for the rest of the article go to the above link:

<!--The results of this study showed that children with type 1 diabetes on IT had a three times greater risk of severe hypoglycemia. The IT group also had impaired memory performance on a sensitive measure of spatial long-term memory (Spatial Delayed Response [SDR]) compared with the CT group and the nondiabetic group. In addition, children in the IT group had relatively slow response times on a pattern memory task (DMSL). Finally, both groups of type 1 diabetic children were significantly impaired on a fine motor control and motor speed task (Grooved Pegboard) compared with their peers without type 1 diabetes. 

Regard, Ellie (51 yo/Type 1 on injections still)

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