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[IP] Re: Sick Days


When Kelly had her first bout of stomach virus after dx, what I didn't know, is that you can have ketones, EVEN with low blood sugars!!!!  I had given Kelly her normal morning dose of NPH and humalog, and THEN she started throwing up, and it didn't stop.  I was chasing the lows, because she doesn't generally run higher when she's sick, but she doesn't eat...so we were giving Pedialyte, Gatorade, a few sips an hour, but nothing would stay down.  A few hours into this, I decided to check ketones, since I remembered the rule
"check when over 250 or if throwing-up".  I almost didn't bother since she never had ketones before.  I'm glad I did,because they were medium, and rapidly progressed to large, when we headed to the ER.  Once she got some fluid by the IV, and some phenegrin, she stopped throwing up, and things got much better.  She never had a blood sugar over 150, so now I always check when she throws up, and even after just one episode of throwing up, she usually has ketones.  If the vomiting doesn't stop, after a 2-3 times, Kelly knows
we're going to the ER.

Hope Taylor is better soon.

Mary, Kelly's Mom

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