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Re: [IP] missing IP members

>  Smoking moss is not supposed to be good for your health... I don't know
>  about green grass. As far as the other stuff (aka MJ), I don't have a
>  clue... I wonder what it does to your BG's??
>  :-)
>  Sam >>
>  Ok guys,
>  Now are we gonna form a test group to see how grass (MJ) affects bgs?
> Doreen-mom of 2 pumpers

Well as long as you bolus properly for those munchies that may come along
from smoking that lawn ( MJ ) than all should be fine.

I was in the ETDRS for over eight years.  When I first started I smoked
cigarettes ( yes naughty diabetic! ).  The doctors and researchers told me
it would be better to smoke pot ( MJ ) than cigarettes as long as I didn't
pig out.

Just an FYI

Fran in az

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