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Re: [IP] Sick Days

> Another first for us, and at the moment we are, as they say
> "punting" on this.  How does everyone handle sick days?  Taylor is
> going through his first since diagnosis in March, and has nausea and
> vomiting.  So how does everyone handle this.  I know to give his
> insulin and give the carbs in any way he can handle them, but how
> much and how often is what I am looking for. Holly

It is easier than pre pump. Just treat him like a normal sick kid and 
give him insulin as required based on his bg's. My daughter's basal 
needs usually increase around 20%, but YMMV, and it is not the same 
every time.

The same old line applies to kids that throw up. Fluid replacement, 
etc.... Just make sure he doesn't get dehydrated. With a pump, no 
need to eat. My kids all do the chicken broth routine (and hate it). 
Along with fluids to replace electrolytes. The one with diabetes gets 
the same treatment as the others. We just watch closer.

Oops!!! I didn't realize that Taylor was still on MDI until I saw his 
note on the Kids list. If you know his basal requirements, you can 
probably simply eliminate his meal insulin and use regular soda to 
provide the carbs for the peak of his long term insulin. Kinda simple 
minded, but it should work. Check with his medical team for their 

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