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Re: [IP] Ready To Burn My One Touch Profile!

> I am sure that Lifescan will replace this machine, which is only a
> year old, I have faith in that, but my faith in the machine has been
> shaken. We will ALWAYS, follow a high blood sugar reading >300 with
> a repeat test before bringing down a high sugar, or test on a backup
> machine - which we will NEVER forget again. I never want to see my
> child with that look on her face again.

The technology used in the FasTake and other similar meters sometimes 
gives and erroneous reading with no warning when the blood applied is 
not quite adequate. The profile meter and similar meters that measure 
the whole blood almost always give and error message or think that it 
is some kind of TEST reading when there is not enough blood. Like 
you, my daughter prefers the reliability of the readings from her 

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