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[IP] Stress/EMTs/Hospitals/NDL

All you lucky people who run high under stress <sigh>, if only
that were my problem.  For me my blood sugars plumit and just
don't want to come up.  So in the stressful situations where
I just don't have time to run low, I always crash big time.
All of the tests in High School, College, and now Grad
School I have had to bring in food and candy.  You know the
old saying, "Did you bring enough for the entire class?".
Well I took many a teacher up on it.  Brought in enough candy
and snapple to kill a diabetic elephant and still ran low.  Never
ran high either later. <shrug> Still wonder where it all went.

My best friend in undergrad and I had a deal.  We were both
math majors and usually were taking the same classes. We had
nighttime exams that would drag until the early hours.  He
would keep an eye on me and I would bring him Hersey's Minatures.

Anyways, as for EMTs and stabbing lancets...I have gone to the
hospital a few times for lows and everytime they never tested
my blood sugar.  They just assumed that as I lay there convulsing,
or acted drunk without the smell of alcohol oozing from me, that
I was low.  I had one at home, that my husband called an 
ambulance, they just asked him what my last test was and if I
had eaten anything in the last few hours. <vbshrug>.

However, always at the hospital the first question after lying
there for 3 hours unnoticed, was:

NURSE/DOCTOR:  Why did you skip dinner?  
SHERRY:		I didn't.  I had ________________for dinner at 
		_________ o'clock.  Took normal amount of insulin
		for it.
NURSE/DOCTOR:  (To Husband/Roomate who tagged along) Did she eat
		dinner?  [Like I wasn't even there.]
HUSBAND/ROOMIE: Yes I ate dinner with her and she ate what she
		said she ate.
NURSE/DOCTOR:	Well, then since we all now dinner was the culprit
		and no one will admit the truth, I am going to have
		to write this in my report.

All of the 5 reports I have from different ERs are that I was to
call my doctor and remember to eat dinner. 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I always eat dinner.  Always too
hungry to pass it up. :)

And last but not least NDL.  I will post the medication and info
from the article I got with it about NDL when I get home from 
work tonight. Best of luck everyone.

-- Sherry
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