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[IP] today and micro sof sets

Hi all
 Got my first MM reorder today..they mixed up lenghts of infusion sets
and forgot a box of reservoirs..go figure!
 Also got a box of Micro Sets since i emailed my addy and all and I
will put one in later today..who knows, maybe I will find a set that is
actually comfortable!! I shouldn't get my hopes up..
 Today, my bg were good well till lunch but..
Increased breakfast bolus from 2.0 to 2.3 for milk and cheerios and i
only hit like 180  2 hr pp a nd felt bada nd low alll day later but
couldn't just keep checking..my fingers are refusing to bleed and it
was school. I only got crackers for lunch, tried to go to the clinic
for oj but got hassled and told no, so I didn't go. I got very upset
was crying my friends were mad b/c of the dumb administration. SAME
CRAP as last year nad am getting a 504 now but some people NEVER change
and are there to make your life a living hell, one adult i know came
over and wanted to straighten it out and go to the clinic, then got the
person who blocked me orginially, a bunch of crap and this and that and
then I never went to the clinic...so had a nice small lunch, one HECH
of a bad mood, got upset (my friends fought back haha!) and later got
to glucose tabs..goes to show in my experience elementary school and
middle were heaven compared to the grap i've been given in middle
school by administrators..very few teachers, b/c I have educated
them..also, the cop was looking at me when i was upset..she had met me
in the summer and knows about the pump.,.hmmm, i wonder, i was
combative, was i low?!? anyhow never got to the clinic
 snacked on tabs an hour later and then went high, but stress on top of
that i expected the high
 I hate the principal at mys chool, he saw the hassle has met my dad 3
times and me and i was in tehre this summer "educating" him yet today
he didn't even try to help...
 ps..gonna try the new set later, and pray to god the school fixes
itself b4 i make a scene right in front of the principal..he has made
me upset in his office before blowing me off, last year with bgs of 20s
and not being let in teh clinic..and so the world turns...

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