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Re: [IP] NLD, NDL, ND, or whatever you want to call it...

Sherry, Amy, Leslie, Julie, Susan, and anyone else involved in this
discussion about this strange "bright red leg" disorder!!
 I just wanted to tell you all that this has gotten me interested in
pursuing treatment for this again.  I was pretty much told by my doctor that
there was nothing to be done for NDL or NLD.  She didn't mention laser
treatment as a possibility, but I'd like to look into it.  I guess it's me
being vain, but I personally hate the things (I have them on both legs) and
since everyone notices -- I've begun wearing pants and long skirts to avoid
the issue.  Sherry....if you could find the name of your medication, I'd
love to ask my doctor about it.  To everyone else, thanks for responding and
encouraging me.  Let me know if you have any new discoveries.

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