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Re: [IP] Ready To Burn My One Touch Profile!

I love my One Touch Profile also, but have run into some
problems every once in a while.  I started out with the
One Touch (Prototype), then One Touch, then One Touch II, 
and then One Touch Profile.  They all use the same strips.
Once and a while a vial would go bad for no reason, although
once or twice this happened and it was humid out...hmmmm.
I don't know if it was from opening the vial and letting air
in?  They warn you to recap the vial immediately after removing
a strip, so for the odd times when I pulled out the strip and
left the cap off, maybe that was the culprit.  However, whenever
I feel differently then the test I retest and if get same
result I try a strip from another vial.  Out of the 15 years I
have been using One Touch's I have only 6 times had to throw
a vial out and two were from leaving them in my car during
100 degree heat wave. (Brillian I know).

Hope this helps.
-- Sherry
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