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Re: [IP] feeling old

email @ redacted wrote:
> i remember my parents...won an argument over me being able to 
> buy a cup of ice at a ball park for my diet soda that i had to carry 
> in because they did not serve one!!  They refused to sell me one 
> because no drinks were to be brought in from the outside!!!!

what I used to love was they used to make you BUY the freaking cup!  They 
couldn't "give" it to you, they'd say, cuz they base their soda sales on how 
many cups were in inventory...so then, when I'd bring in my OWN cup, why the 
hell wouldn't they "GIVE" me the ice????  I did in fact win that argument a 
couple of times 

Shoot, now when you ask for a mere glass of water, they make you buy "vanity" 
water in a fancy, environment unfriendly plastic  container.

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