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[IP] job interviews

Sherry wrote:
> I didn't tell them I was diabetic but then again they didn't ask....
> I also listed on my resume that I do a lot of volunteer work for the 
> ADA.  If they had asked me if I had any health problems, or if I 
> was diabetic I would have told them straight out that I was.  

I wouldn't have told them either, until I had the job...however, a few 

1.  if they HAD asked you if you were diabetic, you would have had the law on 
your side if you refused to answer.  Asking questions about health, age, 
marital status, children etc. - is against the law, I think.

2.  my mom also has lots of JDF and ADA volunteer work listed on her resume, 
but she doesn't have diabetes.  I have done lots of volunteer work for AIDS 
things and Muscular Dystrophy, but that doesn't mean I have those diseases.  
My mom also lists Boy Scout volunteer but as far as i know, it was my brother 
who was the volunteer...tee hee

then Sherry wrote:
> let them know is after they make an offer.  

nahhh - wait til they make you an offer, AND you accept it, after having 
found out what their health insurance is like.  If they make you an 
offer...and you tell them and then take some time to consider the offer...by 
the time you get back to them, IF they are THAT unethical, the position will 
have been miraculously filled, "just" before you called back to accept it.

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