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[IP] The pizza puzzle (extra large)

Pat asked Anika:

> Was the pizza worth all the trouble?  I seriously doubt it.  
> The culprit was the crust.   I avoid anything that is made 
> from or contains flour.......its just not worth the aggravation 
> later on.

I would disagree with this.  I think pizza is one of heaven's blessings and 
it is well worth the occasional high blood sugar to be able to eat it.  I 
also don't think it is entirely the crust, though if you are sensitive to 
flour products maybe so...for me it is the fat, and as long as you know it is 
gonna make you go up, you can accommodate for it and live a relatively normal 

I ate a pint of ben and jerrys this weekend (yes the entire thing...) I 
started out at 132, bolused 3.5 units, about an hour later, when i was 
getting into bed, I was bg 146.  I took .5 bolus, and put in a temp basal for 
2 1/2 hours at 2 units per hour (normal at the time is .4), and woke up with 
bg 112....It wasn't always like this.  I would bolus 8 units and eat...and 
wake up high...or take 4 units and 2 hours later take the other 4 more and 
wake up high...it is the slow drip of increased basal that helps me with the 
fat.  So, I have ice cream fat pretty well figured out....it is cold sesame 
noodles I really need to work on...

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