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Re: [IP] Sick Days

Hi Holly- When I get sick I try to eat, but in reduced amounts because I am 
not hungry.  Firrst Taylor should be cheching blood sugars ALOT.  The sugars 
will be high because the body is fighting an infection and the stress 
responce has been activated.  ALWAYS check the urine for ketones if sugars 
above 240.  Try to get Taylor to dring small amounts.  Any time I have been 
sick I do that.  You need to make sure that dehydration does not occure and 
test...test...test....Carbs are reduces obviously when your sick, but sugars 
are going to be higher any way.  You may want to try also that has worked for 
me..crackers.  GOOD LUCK!!! I ope I helped.
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