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Re: [IP] missing IP members

At 08:10 AM 9/13/1999  Fran Baumgartner wrote:
> > Do you use an umbrella?
>No but I never used one in WA either.  I have a thing about umbrellas, don't
>know what but am not willing to pay ten thousand in therapy to find out.  :-)

That was a test... no true North Westerner would ever use one of those 
things. You passed!! <vbg>

> > Do you have a lawn or moss?
>on my feet or in my yard?  In my yard gravel.  I don't think I've seen moss in
>a two years, well except for those pesky feet of mine.

I just need to scrape the moss off my pump every week or so... I don't 
worry about the stuff between the toes. Grass?? What's that?


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