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[IP] 4 months into --"no longer under warranty" - hmmmm

My son's Disetronic pump had an 04 that would not clear.  I sent the pump 
back to Disetronic and they received it Sept 01, 1999.  I called today to see 
where the pump is and what the status is.  Well, sigh, I was told that it 
failed the 04 test  - meaning it's there's no occlusion (duh - I already 
tried changing batteries, piston rod, tubing, cartridge yada yada yada).  
It'll cost $375 dollars to fix it.  So I asked the guy JUST WHEN were they 
going to inform me about this?  Guess what - they were going to call me 
today!?.  (who's skeptical here raise your hand?).  They were going to call 
me regarding UPGRADING.  Sounds like a plan on their part to me.  I told him 
to put all this in a FAX.  Truth be told I think Disetronic makes a fine 
product.  I'm just miffed that I had to call to see where his backup pump was 

Question, anyone think the pump should work more than 4 months past the 
warranty period?  He suggested maybe it had been dropped.  Well, my son is 
11.5, he's had the pump for 4+ years, yes his pumps have been dropped many 
times.  Why did it only break after the warranty period was up?  I'm a little 

I wonder if I'll bring this up at tonight's Disetronic chat - 9:00 pm est 

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