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Re: [IP] missing IP members

> Yeah, but are your toes still webbed?

Yes, hence why I still wear socks in 115 degree weather

> Do you use an umbrella?

No but I never used one in WA either.  I have a thing about umbrellas, don't
know what but am not willing to pay ten thousand in therapy to find out.  :-)

> Do you stay inside when it rains? (It does rain in AZ doesn't it??)

Heck no, grab a soda, water, coffee whatever and sit outside and watch the
thunder and lightening and get soaked.  :-)  We're new here, this stuff still
excites us.  Beside when it's very hot an it starts to rain it feels good.  Yes
it does rain in az but not often, not like WA.

> Do you have a lawn or moss?

on my feet or in my yard?  In my yard gravel.  I don't think I've seen moss in
a two years, well except for those pesky feet of mine.

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