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[IP] school nurses

     HI- I saw Ginny's response, and you are right. I understand the money 
     issue, believe me. I guess I got frustrated looking at posts from all 
     over the country, and I did end up emailing my school superintendent. 
     The message was received, but no response so far. I guess I look at it 
      very simplisticly--you want healthy happy responsible kids? Then give 
     them the tools or people that they need. You want problems and 
     irresponsibility? Then be stingy with your taxes. I just moved to this 
     town,and in my old town, no one ever wanted to appropriate funds for 
     the school there to have a better library, or a science wing. I 
     remember clearly that a lot of opponents were elderly, or those with 
     no children, and their reasoning was flat out that they didn't have a 
     stake in the matter. To me, that's lame. When you are in a community, 
     you should feel responsible in some way for those you live with. I 
     never minded that some of my tax dollars went to the senior center, 
     never once complained. Anyway, I still understand the reality of it 
     all, I just don't like it, and will fight to change it until someone 
     can flat out put me in my place. Was raised by a mom who fought for 
     the poor, and I make no apology for my attitude!!!:)
     Thanks for responding, though,
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