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Re: [IP] Ready To Burn My One Touch Profile!

My Erika, recently started seeing a new endocrinologist.  He asked her how
old her Profile was, and we told him nearly three years old.  He said it
should be replaced  AT LEAST, EVERY TWO YEARS.  He directed us to simply
call Lifescan and tell them that he wants us to get a new Profile simply
because of its age.  He also said to tell them, if they don't give it to us
free, then tell them that I will prescribe a different brand.  We did as he
instructed us to do, and they replied with, "O.K., would you like two"?
This really surprised me, and we received the new Profile in two days.

I would just call them up and tell me that something is wrong with it, and
that you want a new "free" replacement.  It couldn't hurt=))!

Kim S.
Erika's mom, 20 y/o w/cystic fibrosis, diabetes, asthma, and epilepsy.
email @ redacted

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