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[IP] getting through to family,friends

     hi-Just wondering if you all have as much trouble as I do convincing 
     your family and friends(mostly family) that with the pump, you can eat 
     at any old time, and eat the same stuff they eat. I am an adult 
     diabetic who grew up in the "old school". Now, that I am "hip" with my 
     pump, I can't do anything differently around them because I get 
     disapproving looks and comments. It's ridiculous! No matter how I try 
     to explain, they won't listen. I understand to a degree, it's great 
     they care and all, but I am so sick of telling them, and then getting 
     the special diabetic dessert at family gatherings(mine is that vanilla 
     pudding with crushed pineapple and whipped cream all mixed 
     together-the whipped cream is a cheat item to them). Any advice on how 
     to turn them around? They are not on the Net, so they wouldn't be 
     looking for new info here. Thanks all!
     Sarah(who wants to eat pecan pie at Thanksgiving this year!) 
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