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[IP] Ready To Burn My One Touch Profile!

Hi everyone,
This is to get something off my chest, and give a warning to other 
people to double check sugars that seem REALLY out of whack.
Tomorrow I will be making a call to Lifescan, and I am sure they will be
very surprised by what I have to say. We absolutely love the Profile, 
although the Fastake's 15secs makes it very attractive too, but we 
always would swear by our profile's readings and Erica uses the Fastake 
for when she is on the run and needs something compact. Besides, we 
have the capability to download the Profile readings and not the 

We were camping, which we do every weekend (seasonally), and prior to 
hitting the bed, Erica did her blood sugar. She came wailing to me and 
the poor thing was FRANTIC!!! She was yelling that her machine said 
DANGER!! CALL A DOCTOR!! KEYTONES!!! We have never seen this before. 
I looked at her machine and it said HI, with the indications to do the
above...danger...etc. Erica was sure that something terrible had 
happened to her, was frightened beyond words, and started feeling sick 
to her stomach. She also said she was actually feeling low, which is 
what she will feel when her profile reads 80 or below. Seeing her in 
this state was so very upsetting to my husband and I. I have never seen
Erica frightened to the point of being upset to her stomach. She is a 
pretty cool customer most of the time.

I tried to calm her down, because 1.5 hrs previous to that reading her 
blood sugar had been 97. It HAD to be something to do with the 
machine. I calmed her down somewhat, and told her we would test her 
blood sugar again. She was all for it. These were the results, in 
order, of the next tests we did within 15 MINUTES of the Danger 
prompt. 355, 173, 313, 85, 85. There was NO sugar on her fingers, as 
she always is SO careful about that, and we fully washed all her fingers
before doing any of the other blood tests...just in case.
We borrowed another campers blood monitor, a Fastake, (ours was at home)
and her reading on that was 67. What a dilemna we would have been in 
had I bolused Erica down for a high sugar!!! Something so easily 
achieved with the pump. Just press those wonderful buttons. She was 
actually in need of sugar!

With a reading in the mid 300's, the bolus would have been substantial. 
I was almost sick looking at Erica (although I was calm on the outside)
with her eyes widened, tears dropping onto her cheeks, and the look of 
terror on her face. She thought she must have had suddenly developed 
one of those diabetic complications (I detest commercials about the 
complications of diabetes) and there was something terribly wrong with 
her. (I also rue the day I took her to see Patch Adams) When I finally
convinced her it was the machine and not her, she did relax a bit but 
needed mom in bed with her for the night. That was the place for me 
anyway, as I didn't trust this machine anymore and would have spent most
of it awake anyway....which I did.

I am sure that Lifescan will replace this machine, which is only a year 
old, I have faith in that, but my faith in the machine has been shaken. 
We will ALWAYS, follow a high blood sugar reading >300 with a repeat 
test before bringing down a high sugar, or test on a backup machine - 
which we will NEVER forget again. I never want to see my child with 
that look on her face again.

As a postscript to this, the temps were very warm for 11pm at night in 
Nova Scotia. It was in the 60's, with VERY high humidity. We had a 
week of intolerable high humidity and temps high through the day with no
relief at night.

Had anyone had anything similar happen to them that they could blame on 
humidity? I would like to think there was SOME reason for it.

Barb....Erica's mom

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